** COVID-19 Update ** We are now providing the CCW Classes in person.

Details are listed below in the More information link.

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Next Class: January 29th (8am - 4pm)
CCW Class:                Become your first line of defense!

We are scheduling in person outdoor classes for the summer. The instruction and shooting will be on the same day. If you attended a virtual class and still need to do the shooting portion, please make arrangements with the shooting instructor - Mike at 231 750 0019.

40 states make carrying concealed handguns legal for responsible adults 21 years or older. This class provides you with the certificate needed to apply for your CPL (concealed pistol license).

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What does this course include?

  1. USCCA Materials and certificate
  2. Use of a 22 caliber gun)
  3. 22 caliber ammunition
  4. Use of Ear and eye protection
  5. Legal portion to provide information about concealed weapon and the law

What to bring?

  1. Nothing, everything is included

CCW Requirements:

  1. The certificate course is approved to obtain a concealed carry permit.
  2. Must be 21 years or older (course may be taken in advance).
  3. United States resident.
  4. State resident for at least 6 months.
  5. No Felony Convictions
  6. No More than 2 OUI (Operating Under The Influence)

* Footnote * Students may bring their own gun and ammo, we have 22 caliber ammunition. (You do not need to own or bring a gun).

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