The Next Step shooting class is a great class to learn shooting skills from expert handgun instructors
The NRA CCW-1 certificate is required to apply for your CPL (Concealed Pistol License).
Next Class: July 27th (8am - 4pm)
Next Step shooting class:       A fun learning experience!

This is a practiical pistol class (No certificate) Learn how to shoot your handgun fast and accurately.
Training on a variety of targets and distances. Learn practice drills that will make you a better shot.
Defensive techniques and stratigies discussed as well.

What does this course include?

  1. Two hours of combined range time and strategic-shooting instruction
  2. Use of a .22-caliber handgun
  3. 100 rounds of .22 caliber ammo (Other caliber ammo is available to buy).
  4. Eye and ear protection

What to bring?

  1. You may bring your own handgun, but you will also need ammunition for it
  2. Strong side holster
CCW Class:                Become your first line of defense!

40 states make carrying concealed handguns legal for responsible adults 21 years or older. This class
provides you with the certificate needed to apply for your CPL (concealed pistol license).

What does this course include?

  1. NRA materials, certificate and booklet
  2. Use of a 22 caliber gun)
  3. 22 caliber ammunition
  4. Ear and eye protection
  5. Legal representative to speak on carring a concealed weapon
  6. Lunch.

What to bring?

  1. Nothing, everything is included


  1. This course is required to obtain a concealed carry permit.
  2. Must be 21 years or older (course may be taken in advance).
  3. United States resident.
  4. State resident for at least 6 months.
  5. No Felony Convictions
  6. No More than 2 OUI (Operating Under The Influence)

* Footnote * Students may bring their own gun and ammo, we have 22 caliber ammunition. (You do not need to own or bring a gun).

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No penalty for missing a class, just reschedule at your convenience.