** COVID-19 Update ** We are now providing the CCW Classes in person.

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Next Class: January 29th (8am - 4pm)


About Laurie Clark

Email: clark4law@gmail.com


Laurie is an accomplished, multifaceted individual and an avid shooter. She is nationally certified to teach the NRA classes for; Personal Protection in the Home, Home Firearm Safety, Basic Hand Gun Skills and the NRA Refuse to be a Victim program. She is also a certified USCCA instructor of Defensive Hand Gun Skills and nationally certified to teach the required course for a CPL license. Laurie has been awarded both the Marksman and Sharpshooter certificates from the NRA but focuses her teaching on exclusively on USCCA Hand Gun Training, CPL training and Safety First. She teaches CPL classes for Copper Creek and also available for private lessons.

Laurie is a Michigan Attorney who began her law career as an assistant prosecuting attorney in Genessee County. She quickly moved into a private litigation defense practice. However, she devoted a substantial amount of time establishing safeguards for abused and neglected children in Ottawa County, advising an counseling parents of special education students and providing free legal aid to veterans struggling to get aid and attendance from the Veterans Administration. She has also enjoyed a long teaching career as an adjunct professor at numerous colleges and universities around the state. One of her more interesting positions was teaching college for the United States Air Force at a strategic command facility (SAC) in Oscoda, Michigan. Finally and most recently, she has been tutoring university students and executives on-line in China. She teaches English as a second language. Teaching comes naturally to Laurie as she enjoys working with students.

Laurie has developed a line of holsters and concealment clothing for the well-armed woman who wants to carry her firearm but does not to carry the appearance of the bulk. Laurie welcomes feedback on her products and is always open to suggestions and ideas. The holsters are hand made to your specifications and have met with very favorable responses.

Laurie likes to see the world and has always taken the path less traveled. She likes adventures and her adventures have taken her to some very remote and interesting places.