The Next Step shooting class is a great class to learn shooting skills from expert handgun instructors
The NRA CCW-1 certificate is required to apply for your CPL (Concealed Pistol License).
Next Class: April 27th (8am - 4pm)

CCW-1 classes are all inclusive.     No added cost - ammo, gun use, food and materials are all included.

Class DateLocationInstructorsClassClass TypeClass Schedule
Sun 04/27/2014Muskegon Pistol & Rifle Club TBACCW 1 ClassOne 8 Hour Class04/27 (8:00AM)Sign-up!
Fri 05/02/2014Muskegon Pistol & Rifle Club BernethyNext Step shooting classOne 8 Hour Class05/02 (8:00AM)Sign-up!
Sun 05/11/2014Muskegon Pistol & Rifle Club TBACCW 1 ClassOne 8 Hour Class05/11 (8:00AM)Sign-up!
Sun 05/18/2014Renegade River, Inc. Spring Lk TBACCW 1 ClassOne 8 Hour Class05/18 (8:00AM)Sign-up!
Sun 05/25/2014Muskegon Pistol & Rifle Club TBANext Step shooting classOne 2 Hour Class05/25 (8:00AM)Sign-up!
Wed 12/31/2014Gift Certificate TBACCW-1 ClassOne 8 Hour Class12/31 (8:00AM)Sign-up!

Reserve your spot and join the 400,000 plus Michiganders, who are now their first line of defense, call 616 980 4100 or click signup for one of the class offerings above.